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  • Alexandra Skinner Walsh

Why do Flying Monkeys Fly?

Flying Monkeys can be relentless and just as terrorizing as the narcissist themself. They can be siblings, aunts, uncles, family friends, grandparents, coworkers, you name it! So why Flying Monkeys Fly?

👉 Manipulated to think they are “helping”

👉 Don’t know any better because they don’t understand the real problem

👉 Playing their part to avoid becoming the scapegoat

Flying Monkeys are rewarded by the Narcissist for doing the dirty work for them. The narcissist will reward them with:

👉 Admiration

👉 Approval

👉 Love

👉 Attention

👉 Safety

Flying monkeys perpetuate the narcissist's abuse and do the narcissists bidding under the guise of “trying to help” when in reality they can be pretty clueless to the abuse at hand. This includes how they’ve been manipulated themselves, the abuse others have endured, and their contribution to the abuse of others.

Flying monkeys are focused on being in the narcissists good grace and avoiding being cast into the scapegoat role.


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