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  • Alexandra Skinner Walsh

Ghosting your Narcissist: 7 Things to Consider First

Are you ready to 👻 the narcissist or toxic person in your life?

If you are, first and foremost, I see you. I see all the attempts you’ve made to try and repair the relationship, the tears you’ve shed, the months/years/decade you’ve spent trying to find some solution to the problem. I know if you’re here and considering going no contact that you’ve tried IT ALL and nothing has worked. For that, I’m so sorry and you are seen.

Here are some questions to consider as you go no contact:

💔 What have I tried to repair the relationship? How do I feel about these attempts?

💔 What have I NOT tried to repair the relationship? How do I feel about these? Do I want to try these before going no contact?

💔 Are there ways I am intentionally or unintentionally contributing to the toxicity in the relationship?

💔 What are all the impacts, positive and negative, of going no contact? Am I okay with all potential outcomes?

💔 Is there anything I would regret not trying, saying, or doing before going no contact?

💔 Who are the people I can lean on while establishing no contact?

💔 Do I feel safe and accepted talking about going no contact with my family member or friend to my therapist? If not, why? Do I need to find a new one?

✨R E M I N D E R ✨

Going no contact can apply to family and friends. Sometimes no contact is our only way out of a toxic relationships and the only way to heal. It will be painful, but there is healing on the other side.


Don't forget to check out my e-course all about narcissistic family dynamics. It's time to heal those family wounds and turn your pain into power!

I wish you healing, M.A.D. Friend 🫂

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