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  • Alexandra Skinner Walsh

Rewrite the F*$#ing Script

A quote is pictured that is taken from a blog post from The M.A.D. Beyond about rewriting your script.
Rewrite the F*$#ing Script

We’re all told there’s a way our story “should” be, act, behave, appear, present, love, talk, walk, you name it! We're told that there are boxes we have to live in to be accepted and loved. Boxes related to our sex, gender, sexuality, roles (e.g., parent, child, friend), behaviors, interests, character traits...the list goes on and on.

M.A.D. Friends, Blow up the box and write the story you see for your life! The people who told you that you wouldn’t be love or accepted if you didn’t fit were WRONG.

When you show up as yourself, outside the box - - no one fits in them anyway - - and without the "shoulds" we can connect deeper with ourselves and others. Love, acceptance, happiness and empowerment are on the other side of the box, if you’re brave enough to start rewriting.

So... let's get rewriting! Write the story you want and chase the life you deserve.


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