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In this course, you'll learn about the 3 levels to self-care, especially level three where the big impact items live! You'll walk away with a guided meditation & a 27 page workbook filled with everything you need to level up. This is so much more than face masks and bubble baths. Who's ready to level up their self-care game?!

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Relationships can be painful, especially when dealing with a narcissistic parent. Learn how to identify, combat and heal from these painful family dynamics.

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Narcisstic Families
Imperfect Mama



The weight of perfection and cultural scripts is heavy for moms. It's time to learn self-acceptance, realistic standards and parent perfectly imperfect.

Rewrite The Script



Just because someone gave us a script for how to live doesn't mean we have to keep it. Thank you, but no thank you. Let's get rewriting so we can live imperfectly authentic.

A Young Woman Writing
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