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Self-Care Level Up

Learn about the three levels to self-care and walk away with techniques to help you level up your self-care game in this 1 hour webinar course!


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Level 1

Low effort, low impact self-care

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Level 2

Medium effort, medium impact self-care

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Level 3

High effort, high impact self-care

In this course, we focus strongly on LEVEL 3 self-care to ensure the biggest impact. It may require high effort, but these self-care skills are GAME CHANGERS. You will learn about these three ways to level up your self-care and change your mental health game.


Boundaries are a gift. They provide the opportunity to learn how another wants to be treated & for us to teach others how we want to be treated.


Expectations can steal many amazing moments from us. When we have achievable, realistic expectations for ourselves & others we all win!

Loving Yourself

You are worthy of speaking love into your soul, forgiving yourself of past mistakes & treating yourself like the badass you are!

In this course we'll explore:

  • What self-care is

  • Why self-care is important

  • Ways to overcome barriers to self-care

  • Learning to identify level 1, 2 & 3 self-care items

  • Identifying & setting boundaries

  • Ways boundaries are broken & how to fix our boundaries

  • How high expectations can work against us

  • How to adjust expectations to work for you rather than against you

  • Forgiving & loving yourself the way you REALLY deserve

Additional Resources:

  • 27 page course workbook with journal prompts, activities & more to help you level up your self-care game!

  • Self-love guided meditation

Ready to Level Up?!


You can get access to the webinar, workbook & guided mediation through any type of device. Level up your self-care on the go!




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What if...

You had tools to help you take care of yourself with intentionality and purpose?

Your boundaries were open enough to let others in, but firm enough to keep yourself safe?

Expectations didn't affirm negative beliefs holding you back from healing & were actually achievable?

You had real tools to help you speak to and treat yourself with more love and kindness?

Now, what if I told you all this
is possible?!

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Hi There!

I'm Alexandra Skinner Walsh.

I'm a licensed mental health counselor & owner of The M.A.D. Therapy, PLLC in Bettendorf, Iowa. My mission is to help you rewrite your script, own who you are & walk in your freakin' power! When we do this we create space for better a mental health.

I feel called to work with women and LGBTQIA+ people struggling to accept all parts of who they are, feel suffocated by the status quo & are ready to live & love in all their complexities.

I want to LEVEL UP how we address mental health. I want make mental health a regular topic of conversation. I want to break the freakin' stigma. I want access to quality mental health resources & education to be more affordable & accessible. I want you to feel like the empowered, badass queen you are one course at a time.

This is for you if...

You struggle with taking care of you.

You struggle to put systems in place, like healthy boundaries & expectations, that promote self-love and healthy, happy relationships.

You want to level up your self-love game.

You're ready to learn how to care for yourself the way you've always deserved!

This is NOT for you if...

You're not ready to do the work to level up.

You're not ready to make you a priority & begin caring for yourself the way you deserve.

Ready to Level Up?!

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How long will I have access?

After you purchase, you will have lifetime access so you never have to stop leveling up!

Why take an online course?

Online courses provide you the opportunity to gain access to valuable information that can promote individual growth & healing. They can also be a great compliment to any work you are already doing with your own therapist. As a reminder, engaging in any online course is not a substitute for therapy & are for educational purposes only.

Can I buy the course for someone else?

Of course! Just put the name & email address of the person you want to access the course in when purchasing the course.

I already purchased, where do I log in to access?

Just click here to return to the course & bonus materials. 

What is the return policy?

All purchases are final.


My courses are not therapy nor are they a replacement for therapy. These courses are intended for educational purposes only to help facilitate personal growth. While I am a therapist, I am not your therapist. No therapeutic relationship is established by taking any of my courses. Please seek a support from a licensed mental health professional in your area to establish a therapeutic relationship & get access to higher level care. 

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