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Looking In, Looking Out:
Insightful Leadership

Didn't make it to see Alexandra at The Women Lead Change Conference?

No problem!

Now you can get access to tips & techniques on being an insightful, authentic leader.

What You'll Learn:

Pit Falls

Learn about the three most common pit falls that leaders find themselves in and how these prevent you from leading more effectively.

Looking In

Looking in is the foundation for sustainable, authentic leadership. Learn more about what it is, why it's so important and tips to looking in effectively.

Looking Out

Looking out is the building block of team expansion and growth. Learn more about what it means to look out, the value looking our provides, and how to do it effectively.

The Insightful Leader

You're capable of leading authentically, courageously, and insightfully. When do we do this we create sustainable systems and empower teams. Learn about how to tap into your insightful leadership style to make the biggest difference.

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Who is this for anyway?

EVERYONE because everyone is a leader.


The leaders of this world are parents, students, bosses, friends, employees, volunteers, and community members. Anyone who talks to, advises, supports others is a leader in some way.

You don't need fancy letters behind your name, prestigious degrees, or decades of traditional leadership experience to lead. In fact, not only do you NOT need those, but you are leading without them already.


Isn't it about time that you lead with more intentional purpose, insight, & authenticity?

This is NOT for you if...

You never speak to anyone about anything ever.

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Ready to Lead with Insight?!

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Hi There!

I'm Alexandra Skinner Walsh.

I'm a licensed mental health counselor & owner of The M.A.D. Therapy in Bettendorf, Iowa. My mission is to help you rewrite your script, own who you are & walk in your freakin' power! When we do this we create space for better mental health.

I feel called to work with survivors of abuse (especially narcissistic & psychological abuse), women and LGBTQIA+ people struggling to heal & accept all parts of who they are, feel suffocated by the status quo & are ready to live & love in all their complexities.


My hope is that you learn to see yourself as the leader that you already are then lead with the intention, purpose, and insight that I know you are capable of. When we lead at work, home, and in our communities this way we form the path for a better world.

What if...

You could identify what your core values, goals, and motivations are to lead with more connection to yourself?

At home, work, school or in the community, you knew what your team needed & how to best support them?


You had tools to practice balancing the all the roles and demands of your life to ensure you showed up as the best version of you everywhere?


You understood where your power is and how to use it to really make a difference?

Now, what if I told you that you had the power to lead in a more effective & impactful way?

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You can get access through any type of device. Lead & learn on the go!




In this mini course we'll explore:

  • The 3 major pit falls that all leaders fall into.

  • Why looking in helps you sustain high demands and the multiple hats you wear in life.

  • Techniques for looking in successfully.

  • Why looking out helps you grow and empower your team.

  • Techniques for looking out effectively.

  • What it is about the insightful leader that we all love and strive to be.

  • And better yet, how to be the best leader I know you're capable of being.

Insightful leaders make the world a better place!

Additional Resources:

  • The exact presentation slides presented at the conference. Now available to you from the comfort of your own home!

Ready to Lead with Insight?!


How long will I have access?

After you purchase, you will have lifetime access so you never have to stop leveling up!

Why take an online course?

Online courses provide you the opportunity to gain access to valuable information that can promote individual growth & healing. They can also be a great compliment to any work you are already doing with your own therapist. As a reminder, engaging in any online course is not a substitute for therapy & are for educational purposes only.

Can I buy the course for someone else?

Of course! Just put the name & email address of the person you want to access the course in when purchasing the course.

I already purchased, where do I log in to access?

Just click here to return to the course & bonus materials. 

What is the return policy?

All purchases are final.


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Want me to speak to your team on leadership? You got it! Fill out the form below to get leadership wisdom customized for your organization, team, group, community, or conference. Be as detailed as possible about what you are looking for.

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My courses are not therapy nor are they a replacement for therapy. These courses are intended for educational purposes only to help facilitate personal growth. While I am a therapist, I am not your therapist. No therapeutic relationship is established by taking any of my courses. Please seek a support from a licensed mental health professional in your area to establish a therapeutic relationship & get access to higher level care. 

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