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  • Alexandra Skinner Walsh

Learning to Love Your Postpartum Body

A woman with her arms flexed and showing off her strength and beauty
Love your postpartum body NOW

Your body changes a LOT during pregnancy and even in postpartum. While this is completely normal and healthy, we don't talk about these changes as a society. This leaves many women confused about the changes struggling to understand how this impacts their identity and worth. In fact, one of the most dangerous parts is that it leaves women with unrealistic and unhealthy ideas about what to expect regarding their body during this season of life. Here are some tips to help you through this season of life with a little bit more love for you body.

1) Practice appreciation and gratitude to your body. It has been through and done some really hard shit!

2) Speak compassion into your body: "You have carried me through a really challenging time." "You have made me and my baby strong." "You are exactly as you are supposed to be."

3) Ask forgiveness and grant it: "I am sorry I have not always spoken the kindest to you. I will work on changing this today. I forgive myself for this."

4) Change the expectations. I know we hear that the goal is to get back to pre-baby weight, but is that really the healthiest goal? Does our body endure and evolve to produce life only to go back to how it was before? I challenge this by saying no. Everything in life that challenges us, changes us. This applies to our bodies too.

5) Rewrite the script on what a beautiful, healthy body looks like. Find the beauty in your body as it is RIGHT NOW and change the view you have of what constitutes beauty and health.


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