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  • Alexandra Skinner Walsh

I'm mad, so I'm M.A.D.

When we think about emotions, mad is one of the first that comes to mind. It is also one of the emotions we most commonly express and easily identify. YET, it is also an emotion we are taught is bad and should not feel or express. I challenge you today to rewrite this narrative around anger. Mad is okay! In fact, mad can be moving, inspiring, uplifting and world changing. I call this righteous madness.

There are times in life that mad is the most appropriate, healthy response. Look at past and current history alone, M.A.D. Friends! Some of the largest movements of progress and change were motivated by the experience and expression of righteous anger. From the women's suffrage beginning in the mid-19th century to the Stonewall riots of 1969 to the Black Lives Matter Movement beginning in 2013. Being mad is not bad! Being mad can lead to Making A Difference (M.A.D.) and M.A.D. motivates change and progress for all, even those who don't yet understand it's benefits.

We all have something we're mad about, but are we funneling this into M.A.D.?

Here are some tips to starting to and staying M.A.D.:

  1. Educate yourself! Whatever makes you mad, start with understanding it's history and how you can build upon when Making A Difference.

  2. Allow madness in. Validate that emotion and provide yourself compassion and empathy. Repeat after me, "mad is not bad. I can use this to fuel me."

  3. Find healthy outlets for your madness that allow you to keep Making A Difference. Mad is fuel for M.A.D. Use it!

We all have something we'er mad about. Myself included. I'm mad, so I'm M.A.D. in my own way and at my own pace.

How about you? What makes you so mad that you're M.A.D.?


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