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My name is Alexandra Skinner Walsh, but you can call me Alex. I am a licensed mental health counselor, speaker, M.A.D. merch creator, and owner of The M.A.D. Therapy in Bettendorf, Iowa. I've focused my career on challenging the scripts of those who have been told they are not enough as they are - - I’m looking at you bold women, brave LGBTQ+ people and badass survivors of abuse. My mission is to help people find, own and share their authentic, M.A.D. self.

Now, you may be wondering, Am I M.A.D.?” YES!! You are completely M.A.D. in the best way possible! I believe that you were put on this earth to leave it better than you found it.  For some, this is done on a large scale by creating art, doing humanitarian work, fueling the minds of children, or advocating for a greener world.  For others, this is done on a more personal scale by changing the way one views the world and interacts with the people in it. At The M.A.D. Beyond, it's through fighting mental health stigma and building mental health awareness one course, podcast, blog post and t-shirt at a time. Everyone's call is different, but we are all Making A Difference in our own way.

Somewhere along the way though, we were told that being mad is bad.  Mad is an emotion we aren't supposed to feel.  Mad is too eccentric, wild or crazy.  Making a difference is selfish.  But, I’m here to tell you that M.A.D. is courageous, brave, emotional, eccentric, and filled with self-love!  We are all mad in our own way, and, honestly, all the best people are.

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I've created The M.A.D. Beyond to help others connect, flourish and love themselves exactly as they are. From the moment we are born we are given a script. Sometimes it is given purposefully and clearly, while other times quietly and unintentionally. Regardless, this script tells us who we should be, how we should act/think/behave, who we should love and MORE. No matter how well intentioned, these scripts can be suffocating and constricting. Within them we are rarely able to live up to our full potential and are left feeling inadequate, bad, immoral, or shameful. I'm here to tell you to throw the script away!! That's right. Take it, crumple it up and throw away. The M.A.D.est gift we can give ourselves is the ability to live BEYOND the script, to live authentically, courageously, and imperfectly. When we do this, we free ourselves and invite others to join us in The M.A.D. Beyond.

So welcome to The M.A.D. Beyond; a place where ALL people are more than tolerated or accepted, rather it’s a place where ALL people are celebrated for exactly who they are, as they are. I challenge you to live authentically, expand your mind, create the life you've dreamed of, fight for what you believe, challenge the status quo and rewrite your script.  I believe that when you bring your whole, authentic, beautiful self to the table, you thrive in this crazy world. Together we will rewrite our scripts, expand our minds and stay M.A.D. one course, podcast, blog post, and t-shirt at a time.


I am so glad you have joined me in The M.A.D. Beyond, my M.A.D. Friends!

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